About Us

CAP AND SEAL (INORE) PVT LTD is one of the leading Indian Aluminum pilfer-proof Caps, Aluminum ROPP Caps, Aluminum Flip Top, and Tear off Seals; Plastic Caps & Closures manufacturing and export-oriented companies. From Wine bottle closures, Liquor bottle closures, Pharmaceuticals ROPP Caps & Injection Vial Seals. Olive Oil Closures to Cachaca, our products cover them all. But our vision takes us beyond the dynamics of size or scale, we strive to excel in everything we do Identified as an EXPORT HOUSE by the Office of the Director General of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce & Trade, Government of India.


CAP AND SEAL had a humble beginning in 1986 with an installed capacity of 40,000 caps per day. But over the years, the company has made judicious use of its assets to achieve tremendous growth. The current capacity is 2 million caps per day. Dedicated and well-experienced manpower and a widespread marketing network have enabled the company to carve a niche in the Aluminum Pilfer Proof Caps Industry today. The urge to follow International Standards to manufacture our products has led us to be recognized as an ISO 9001: 2015 Company certified by UL-DQS INC.

Following the trends in the packaging industry, CAP AND SEAL has expanded its product range to cover Plastic closures which find application in various areas of the Food and beverage industry as well as the Pharmaceutical industry. The product range currently contains closures with a diameter from 8 mm to 38 mm and a height from 5 mm to 60 mm. Our products are distinguished by their outstanding and permanent quality which guarantees their use on high-speed equipment’s focus on consumers’ demands and offer solutions relying on our abundant experience acquired through working in various cultural environments

CAP AND SEAL has come a long way since its inception with a track record that has not only resulted in tremendous growth in our performance but also a customer base to realize more than 95% of its revenue through exports to Europe, the Gulf, East and West Africa, South East Asia, and Latin America Countries.


At our company, we’re all about being eco-friendly. We make and sell Aluminum Pilfer Proof Caps for Glass bottles, but we do it in a way that’s good for the planet. We use recycled materials and try to save energy when we make our caps. This helps keep the environment clean and your products safe. So, when you choose our caps, you’re not just getting quality, you’re also helping to make the world a better place for everyone. Join us in making a difference for our planet!


Mission & Vision

CAP AND SEAL will be a fully integrated company in the Packaging industry, focusing on continuous enhancement of productivity and quality, caring for customers and employees, and caring for environmental protection and cultural heritage. It will also attain scale dimensions by diversifying into other packaging-related fields and by taking up transnational operations. The company will be a model for excellence in meeting social commitment, environment, health and safety norms, and employee welfare and relations.

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